“17 Hours” Art Show by Yours Truly!!! :)

I’m excited to announce my first ever solo photography show!  Photography is still a fairly “new” hobby for me so this is definitely a step out of my comfort zone but I decided to just go for it and put it out there!  🙂  Yay for trying new things and being vulnerable!

This Friday, October 12th will be the show’s opening at Rockwell Realty (of course!) as part of the monthly “Art Up Phinneywood” art walk.  I’m calling the show “17 Hours”.  Basically I took 1 summer Seattle day and tried to find a wide variety of things to shoot.  I still had to deal with some daily commitments and other priorities, but all of the photos were from that one day.  I had no plan or direction in mind and didn’t want to specifically try to depict “Seattle” in my photos, but simply one random day and whatever that day threw at me.  It was an awesome challenge and I was exhausted by the end of the day but what a blast and a great learning experience!

If you’re in the area this Friday please consider stopping by to check it out and say hello!  I’ll be there from 6-9pm and we’ll have wine and cheese too!  🙂  I’m not posting any photos of the show since I don’t want to spoil it – you just have to come see for yourself!  And yes I’m working on a photography website:  www.stephaniemoe.com, but have a long ways to go before it’s “live”.  Stay tuned!


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