Backyard Apartments?

A pilot program to create more affordable housing in the Southeast portion of Seattle is being considered by City officials. The program would allow property owners to create “detached accessory dwelling units”, or DADUs.
These DADUs differ from “mother-in-law apartments” in that they are not connected to the main property. They can be located in garages, servants’ quarters, or be built from scratch. These structures cannot be more than 23 feet tall or have more than 1000 sqft of living space. One stipulation though is that the property owner must live in either the house or the detached apartment and supply an off-street parking space for the apartment.

In Seattle, 70% of the land is zoned for single-family use, so this proposal is supported by neighborhood groups as a means of providing affordable housing. It may also help homeowners who are struggling with high mortgage payments by providing an additional source of revenue.

Critics of this proposal are worried about additional traffic and parking problems, and the increase of duplexes in nice neighborhoods once comprised of mainly single-family homes which could lead to lower property values.
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