Buyers — What is your Motivation?

There are just 5 short days left to have an accepted contract and still qualify for the $8000 first-time home buyer tax credit or the $6500 credit for qualified current homeowners. I’ve been surprised that I do not know too many Buyers in the past month that seem motivated to take advantage of this opportunity. Now don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that it is more important to find the “right” property then it is to rush just to get the credit, but when you’ve been looking for many months (some of my Buyers have been in the market for 10 months or more) and have found many great homes that would suit you perfectly but still haven’t purchased, I think you really need to sit down and re-evaluate your motivation to buy at all. Are you looking for reasons to talk yourself out of homes that are a good fit? Or are you genuinely looking for that one special gem that is so radically different from everything else you’ve liked you will absolutely know that it is “the one” the moment you see it? Based on all the homes you’ve seen is this a realistic possibility? It may be, but are you sure you’re not subconsciously sabotaging your home purchase by continually finding reasons NOT to buy? Instead of looking for reasons TO buy?

If you’re a home buyer that has been in the market for a while now and has seen more than 50 homes, stop and ask yourself the above questions. What are you really waiting for or looking for? Interest rates will likely never be this low again in our lifetime, and Seattle prices are back down to 2004-2006 levels (depending on location and price points), AND the US government is willing to give you $8000 to buy a home!?!! It really isn’t going to get any better than this folks. Trust me!
So you home buyers that have been “on the fence” for many months…I say get out there and start looking for reasons TO buy and stop looking for reasons NOT to buy!

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