New Development Potentially in the Works for Greenwood!

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I have long loathed this corner of my neighborhood.  Located just a few short blocks from my home and our previous office, it’s been a community eyesore for quite some time.  Much of the area on the south side of 85th St. west of Greenwood Ave. has been in need of some love.  With the recent repaving of 85th St. and the newly remodeled Fred Meyer opening Feb. 1st, it could be great timing for some more development!

I’m excited at the possibility of this 2-block area (between 1st & 3rd) being developed by Security Properties (whose previous works include “On the Park” in Ballard and “Epicenter” in Fremont).

Mega-apartment/condo complexes aren’t my favorite development, but it is definitely better than what is currently there – an abandoned graffitied building and trash-littered lot.  What excites me the most is that Security Properties’ other projects have all included mixed use commmercial/residential complexes with a grocery store as the base.  Could this mean there’s a chance for my beloved Greenwood Market to come back across the street from its former location?  Or a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods could be cool too!  🙂  We’ve got plenty of Safeways and QFC’s in the hood already and the new mega Fred Meyer just across the street – let’s get something more geared towards organics and local products!  🙂  It could do great things for the Greenwood neighborhood and community!

It sounds like Security Properties is planning to move forward with plans but is waiting to find out if the proposed rezone for the south side of 85th is approved or not in late February before solidifying the plans.  For more information read the full article from Komo4 News.

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