March Art Up Greenwood-Phinney

It’s that time of the month again! When we all love to wander the neighborhood looking at beautiful works of art in all different types of media and style.
This month we are proud to be featuring a very talented artist by the name of Jenny Gini.

“Expressions” by Jenny Gini — Paintings focus mostly on women’s faces or figures in both realistic and surrealistic depiction. In her large graphic portraits, the intrigue lies in the moody and mysterious expressions she captures: snapshot scenes intrigued the viewer with not only what they see but what is not seen. Her figurative work is often an optical illusion that morphs into the form of a flower or a surreal landscape creating two images in one.

Please stop by and say “hello” and enjoy a glass of wine or sparkling cider with us!
Friday, March 12th from 6-9pm

8315 Greenwood Ave N.

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