These Times They Are A-Changing!

Oh yes, these times they will be a-changing! And hopefully for the better! It’s been a long road to this history-making election, and quite honestly I am thankful that it is finally over. So much time, money, and energy is put into the campaigns that I think the government and the American public get too wrapped up in it all which makes moving forward difficult at times. We fear we are in a state of flux and the unknown and therefore do not always make movements or actions. I am hopeful now that progress can and will be made towards fixing the mess our country is in right now.

Onto bigger and better things and the change this country needs! We will once again be not only stable but prospering and happy in a united country once more. We can do it….”Yes We Can!”

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  1. Dear Stephanie,
    Although I appreciate your optimism. Our political system is full of lies and BS on both sides. There will come a day when you will realise that Obama is the old Big goverenment bull that we will not be able to pay for. It might be to late. But the creation of wealth is depressiating not only for the big companies but for you as well. I wish you luck, Bill

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